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Concierge service is standard!  Representation includes access via mobile phone (including after hours and weekends) to both Mr. Watters and Mr. Guèdenet, at no additional charge.  We offer the best responsiveness in the Bay Area, ranging from instantaneous to at most two hours for most client inquiries.  Site visits to client facilities are also available.

Welcome to our law practice, based in Redwood City, California. We have a combined fifteen years of experience in the profession, including fifteen trials (four jury trials and eleven court trials), two JAMS arbitrations, approximately one hundred depositions personally taken (plus thirty defended), extensive law and motion and discovery, and multiple appeals. We have experience in a variety of practice areas including general civil/business litigation, complex family law, and trusts and estates litigation.

Available for direct hire by clients throughout the Bay Area. Ideal for clients with their own businesses who don’t have enough work to hire an in-house attorney but who also can’t justify the expense of a larger law firm.

Extensive public speaking and presentation skills, as well as strong technical proficiency and analytical ability. We make extensive use of technology in order to provide efficient professional services at a reasonable price.

State and Federal cases. Admitted to practice in California and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (including U.S. Bankruptcy Court).

“Great Attorney. Knowledgeable, Intelligent and Responsive. Highly Recommended! Andrew G. Watters and his team have been wonderful to work with, in the last several years on multiple cases. I cannot thank Andrew enough for his help and high performance! Why do we hire attorneys and law firms? To guide us on legal issues or disputes, help and facilitate to resolve them, take headaches away, protect our interest, someone who cares to think what’s best for us, the client. With Andrew, all that comes with engagement. The best feeling we got all these years working with him every time, trust with a sense of relief as soon as the case gets to his desk. He is professional, very knowledgeable, intelligent, quick to grasp, fast thinker, efficient and super responsive. His personal attention to all details and personable style is amazing. I have successfully worked with him on several matters, financial recovery, fraud, false complaints, corporate, technology, transactions etc. He explains the issues, the legal scenario, pros, and cons very well to help the client make informed choices and decisions which get great results in the end. I love his No-nonsense, straight to the point dedicated approach and clearly spelling out the merits of the case. Overall, it was a pleasant experience! I definitely would recommend him to other prospective clients.”
A.A., San Jose, CA, 10/30/2018 (Yelp)

“Just finished my divorce…it was a tough battle that involved forensic accounting, multiple hearing and a viscous dispute over assets and income available for support. It lasted for one year…fortunately I brought a gunslinger to the gun fight…Andrew was clearly the smartest guy in the room during our court fight. He was well prepared, determined a great strategy, and continually embarrassed opposing counsel by anticipating every move. I highly recommend Andrew as a smart, intelligent bulldog attorney that thinks three dimensionally when fighting a case.”
E.A., San Mateo, CA, 8/30/2018 (Yelp)

“Once my spouse of 18 years decided to ask for the dissolution of our marriage, I was shocked and stunned since most of those years were exceedingly good in my memory. Early the next morning, I saw a happy man at the gym who was speaking about his divorce. I gathered some courage and asked him if he knew an attorney who could also help me in my situation. He suggested Andrew Watters, and I took his advice to seek out Watters & Guèdenet. I am exceedingly thankful for the ethical guidance, planning, and execution that Andrew and his team bring to the divorce process. If you are considering a divorce, or going through an amicable split–he is the sounding board you MUST have to keep your sanity and not have your emotions rule your mind. I highly recommend Andrew for his knowledge, professionalism, and friendship. I seriously recommend him to all good people going through some unsettling times.”
S.S., San Carlos, CA, 8/19/2018 (Yelp)

“Andrew and Marc successfully represented me regarding an employment matter. They were always available and flexible in accommodating my schedule. Marc always explained the legal details and was attentive to what I had to say. He worked through my questions helping me understand the case on its merits. He was up on the case law as it pertained to my specific situation and was on top of the deadlines. They worked with me to help manage the costs, as well. Despite the stressful nature of the matter, I enjoyed working with both Marc and Andrew.”
C.S., Redwood City, CA, 8/8/2018 (Yelp)

“Andrew has represented me for three years, and my case has recently concluded on satisfactory terms, which would not have been possible without his help. He is flexible on both his schedule and his client’s communication style and preferences. He is not only very knowledgeable but also does excellent research when needed and provides clear answers. He is very prompt in replying my emails and returning my calls, and gives useful, actionable answers to my questions. My case is somewhat unusual and I appreciate that he didn’t handle my case with a cookie cutter like a certain lawyer I hired in the past… I hope I’ll never be in a situation again where I need a lawyer, but if I do I’ll definitely want Andrew by my side!”
B.S., Burlingame, CA, 1/28/2018 (Yelp)

“I just used their legal service to fight against the greedy commercial landlord and their management company. After my 5 year lease expired, the management company tell me they will increase the rent 50% without any consideration of the tenant’s position. Andrew and Marc helped me negotiated with the management company. The result is satisfied, I got a more reasonable new contract. Without Andrew and Marc’s brilliant knowledge and service, I can’t imagine I can fight against the landlord’s management company and their lawyer. Andrew and Marc always response to my questions quickly and detailed. They didn’t make any unrealistic promise but tell me all the possibilities. I sincerely believe they are not only the best lawyers in their field, but also very honest and sympathetic human being. Thank you very much for your help, Andrew and Marc!”
Q.H., San Jose, CA, 1/2/2018 (Yelp)

“Andrew is not only an astute and extremely efficient practitioner of the law, but he also possesses the ethical and professional etiquette to handle sensitive legal matters. He was the most helpful attorney even prior to the retention of his legal services. Andrew advised me on complicated legal matters that contributed to my divorce and facilitated that dissolution with the utmost integrity. I was able to feel confident and relieved that I had such excellent consult with a person of high intellect, attention to detail, and whom I could trust. I would highly recommend Andrew’s expertise to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of legal service with discretion, compassion, and advocacy. I knew that I was in good hands, and that Andrew’s counsel was outstanding. He went above and beyond to make my divorce as painless as possible. I remain extremely grateful to have such a well-rounded and exceptional attorney.”
A.M., Eugene, OR, 3/17/2017 (Yelp)

“Andrew helped me and my husband get out from under a bad living situation with an uncaring corporate landlord (a billion-dollar real estate investment trust!), and we are very pleased with the outcome. He explained the whole process of how our lawsuit would work, kept us up to date as things progressed, met every deadline, and was always punctual. On top of that, his filings and arguments really show how much he cares about the quality of his work and the success of his clients. This was our first lawsuit, and as ‘the little guys,’ it was very reassuring to have someone like Andrew as our champion.”
K.M., Littleton, CO, 2/27/2017 (Yelp)

“We sat down and told him what I wanted in an operating agreement and he did a good job on the first draft and we signed 2 days later without much back and forth. He did everything I asked and gave me good advice. I am very satisfied.”
V.Z., Fremont, CA, 8/20/2015 (Avvo)

“Andrew Watters represented me in my litigation matter. He does not mince words; he is upfront and honest. Andrew worked passionately towards my goals. What impressed me the most was that he was always reachable, timely returned calls and steered the case to completion rather than drag it and make it costly for the client. No false hopes or promises were made, nonetheless the target was achieved! Thank you Andrew for everything. I highly recommend you.”
T.S., Oakland, CA, 9/3/2014 (Avvo)

General Civil
Business Litigation

We handle the full spectrum of civil litigation, whether you have a breach of contract matter, a real estate dispute, a partnership dissolution, a commercial unlawful detainer, or most any other type of case.

Family Law

Mr. Watters has significant experience in aggressively litigated divorces with large amounts of property and income. He generally limits his family law practice to high asset/high earner cases or other complex cases, as well as preparing the occasional prenuptial agreement.

Trusts &
Estates Litigation

We also handle matters arising under the law of wills and trusts, such as 850 petitions, petitions for instructions, petitions for removal, will contests, and similar matters.

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Andrew G. Watters Lawyer

Andrew G. Watters

Mr. Watters is a veteran trial attorney who specializes in aggressively litigated civil matters. With fifteen trials (four jury trials and eleven court trials), a JAMS arbitration, and twelve years of experience, Mr. Watters provides exceptional ability and experience, as well as value, to his clients. Representative matters include: a defense verdict in a business-related fraud case for a longtime client in 2016; a $410,000 judgment for the plaintiffs in a business-related fraud case, including $200,000 in punitive damages, in 2016; the defense trial presentation in an investment fraud case in 2017; settlements in two different partnership dissolution matters for the plaintiffs in 2016 and 2017; and a number of real estate transactions in which Mr. Watters advised a prominent local real estate owner. Mr. Watters has numerous other matters pending, including multiple breach of contract cases, a copyright case involving a medical journal, and a fraud case against a Chinese national on behalf of a Chinese-American businessman who was duped into selling his interest in a technology company. A native of San Mateo, Mr. Watters graduated from UCLA in 2002 and UC Hastings College of the Law in 2005. He obtained his attorney license in 2005 (California and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California). Mr. Watters started his own law office in 2012 and ultimately formed Watters & Guèdenet in 2017, where he is Managing Partner. In Mr. Watters’s spare time, he enjoys research and development, screenwriting, and independent music production.

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Marc C. Guedenet Lawyer

Marc C. Guèdenet

Mr. Guèdenet specializes in civil litigation of a variety of different matters, including real estate cases, fraud cases, breach of contract cases, and investment-related cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Prior to forming Watters & Guèdenet, Mr. Guèdenet was the Senior Associate at a law firm in San Jose, where he was responsible for all of the firm’s litigation and personally presented multiple proceedings, including a multi-day JAMS arbitration and a substantial role in several trials. Mr. Guèdenet graduated from UCLA in 2010 and Santa Clara University Law School in 2013, where he received Witkin and CALI awards for excellence. He obtained his attorney license in 2013 (California and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California). A native of Los Gatos, Mr. Guèdenet spends his spare time working on and riding motorcycles.

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Patrick O'Neil Of Counsel

Patrick O’Neil

Mr. O’Neil, Of Counsel attorney, specializes in complex family law matters. Mr. O’Neil has extensive experience handling high-conflict divorce cases: commencing with his assistance to self-represented domestic violence victims during law school through the honing of his skills as a trial attorney in a number of multi-million dollar contested divorces. Mr. O’Neil has notable litigation experience vindicating his client’s rights relating to complicated property division, hidden assets and breaches of fiduciary duties. Mr. O’Neil routinely handles many issues related to child and spousal support, child custody and visitation, domestic violence, marital contracts, the identification, characterization, valuation and division of the marital estate and attorney’s fees and costs. Prior to joining Watters & Guèdenet, Mr. O’Neil was an Associate at a law firm in San Jose where he managed a case list exclusively devoted to family law.

Mr. O’Neil is a 2005 graduate of Sacramento State, spending six years as a reporter and photographer before entering law school. In 2014, Mr. O’Neil graduated from Santa Clara University Law School where he received the CALI award for Best Oral Advocate; he joined the California State Bar as a licensed attorney in 2015. In his spare time, Mr. O’Neil enjoys the outdoors and playing sports; he is an avid supporter of all Bay Area sports teams.

Amy Sunzeri

Ms. Sunzeri is the firm’s Legal Secretary.  She was born and raised in the South Bay Area, and she graduated from San Jose State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  In her spare time, she enjoys sightseeing and traveling.